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FINE UNION LLC is the official representative of Issyk Fruit Canning Plant (Kazakhstan) in the Russian Federation. Thanks to this partnership, we sell high quality tomato paste from ripe, fresh tomatoes, which are grown in the foothill regions of Almaty region of Kazakhstan.

When you purchase tomato paste from our company, you get a completely natural product that does NOT have any additives (artificial dyes and synthetic substances), including preservatives and GMO components.

FINE UNION LLC offers tomato paste Kazakhstan 36-38% brix. Tomato paste is packed in an aseptic bag with total net weight 230-250 kg and which is placed in a metal drum. The aseptic bag prevents the product from contacting the metal of the drum, while the metal drums themselves provide reliable transportation and storage of the goods. The shelf life of tomato paste in barrels is 24 months from the date of manufacture at storage temperature from -10 С to + 20 С.

Tomato paste 36-38% brix manufactured in Kazakhstan can be used fur ketchups, sauces production and tomato or multi-vegetable juice.

A full range of tomato raw materials is available on our website and you can contact us and ask all the questions by phone: +7 (812) 640-01-60

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