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Summer smells like berries! Already at the end of May, strawberries appear on sale, which manages to mature in the southern regions of Russia. Strawberry opens the season of berry taste. Adults and children love berries and morsels from them, someone loves strawberries, and someone is waiting for the ripening of raspberries or sea buckthorn.


And what are the most useful berries?

RIA RIA journalists turned to experts with this question: Vladimir Pilipenko (gastroenterologist, researcher at the Department of Gastroenterology and Hepatology of the Medical Nutrition Clinic of the Federal State Budgetary Institution for Nutrition and Biotechnology) and Elena Livantsova (nutritionist at the Medical Nutrition Clinic, candidate of medical sciences).

Vladimir Pilipenko believes that from the point of view of benefit, the first place is occupied by those berries that are not cultivated - blueberries or lingonberries, although they are less accessible. Because everyone's favorite strawberries are mass-produced berries, in order to make a big profit, manufacturers often use technologies that increase yields, but reduce nutritional value.

At the same time, the buyer is often deceived by the beautiful look of a large berry without flaws. "That is, the product looks good, smells good, but it is different in taste, and, very importantly, it is very different in terms of chemical composition," Pilipenko added.

Elena Livantsova, in turn, noted that berries are very useful and rich in vitamins and trace elements (vitamin C, folic acid, magnesium, copper, selenium), which can benefit the work of the cardiovascular and nervous system, support the immune system, as well as slow down aging processes.

Blueberries and blueberries, according to the expert, are more rich in flavonoids - substances that, when ingested, activate the work of enzymes. In addition, people with diabetes are also allowed to consume berries, since their glycemic index, that is, the ability to raise blood glucose levels, is usually very low, the nutritionist emphasized.

"There is a lot of information that berries are harmful for diabetics, but if you analyze their composition, then this is completely wrong - a small amount of carbohydrates, a lot of fiber, despite the fact that it is a watery product. Because of this, there is no peak increase in blood sugar, so berries can be consumed in patients with diabetes mellitus, "said Livantsova.

Which berries you would not prefer, in order to benefit from its consumption, it is necessary to remember that the portion should be 100-120 grams and at the same time the berries should be eaten at least three times a week.

And of course, it is worth noting that berry morse is the best refreshing drink in summer, which not only refreshes, but also gives benefits, unlike sweet soda or beer.


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