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A source from one chicken company in the food industry told Kommersant about requests from the Federal Tax Service for a quarterly forecast of changes in prices for basic goods until the end of 2021.

Recall that it all began in December last year, when Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin approved measures to curb prices for socially significant products. The federal tax service took care of the role of monitoring the implementation of agreements on fixing the cost of oil and sugar using online cash registers. Read more about this in the article "QUICK RESPONSE TO RISING PRICES FOR BASIC FOOD."

Probably, the Federal Tax Service is interested in the price forecast from food suppliers because Rosstat's online cash registers and calculations do not give an objective picture, since they do not take into account discounts, internal agreements between suppliers and retail chains and other industry aspects.

However, the law does not oblige entrepreneurs to provide such data to the tax service, so we can talk about a voluntary procedure for presenting a forecast of prices for basic food.

Deputy Chairman of the Board of Rusprodsoyuz Dmitry Leonov, in an interview with reporters, gives the following assessment: "Firstly, prices depend on the balance of supply and demand, which tends to change. Secondly, the economic situation is unstable, and we do not know how, for example, the exchange rate can change by the end of the year, which also affects the value of most products. " Therefore, the price forecast for tax can be with a high error. In addition, all business representatives are concerned about the issue of compliance with trade secrets in cases where they provide a price forecast to the Federal Tax Service.

It is not known for sure how many companies received such requests from the Federal Tax Service, no comments have yet been received from the Tax Service.

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