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Tomato paste wholesale

Tomato paste wholesale

Why tomato paste wholesale we offer is one of the best

Tomato paste one of the most demanded positions of our range. It is directly depend on quality of tomato paste and how much tasty is the final product, whether it be ketchup or tomato juice. Therefore producers of food products pay special attention to quality of tomato paste and are guided by the following criteria in the choice of tomato paste:

1. from what raw materials tomato paste has been developed

2. amount of solids (on the refractometer)

3. content of GMO and other impurity

4. compliance of periods of storage

5. whether tomato paste meets all sanitary standards of the Russian Federation whether it is certified on ISO9002, HACCP, etc.

Knowing all these features, we offer our clients tomato paste wholesale of the highest quality - a natural product of processing of mature tomatoes Tomatoes are collected on fertile and environmentally friendly fields of Kazakhstan. GMO and impurities free. Paste is made by a cold extraction and has about the content of solids (on the refractometer) 36-38.

Due to Fineunion company is the official representative and the partner of Issykskiy Plodokonservniy Zavod (Kazakhstan) it can provide needs and requests of producers of food products from Russia in qualitative tomato paste at the most favorable prices

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