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Food fibers mixtures wholesale deliveries

Food fibers mixtures wholesale deliveries

We offer food mixtures at favorable prices from the Russian manufacturer - "BIOPRODMASH." Food mixtures are produced with using modern European equipment from Russian wheat and meet all standards of quality and environmental friendliness!

The range of fibers includes the following food mixtures:

Profiber 500

Profiber 200

Profiber 90

Food fibers named Profiber are absolutely natural wheat product. Fibers are used in food production because they have a high moisture-retaining and fat-retaining capacity. The main fields of application are: confectionery industry, sports and dietary food, meat industry (production of dumplings, sausages and etc.), production of sauces, dairy industry (production of yogurts, milk drinks, etc.). Moreover, food fibers mixtures are widely applied in production of forages to animals.

The full range of products for the food industry is presented on our website and you can contact our managers by phone: 7 (812) 640-01-60.

дата публикации: 23 Апреля 2020 г.

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