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Where in St. Petersburg it is possible to buy food fibers?

Where in St. Petersburg it is possible to buy food fibers?

Very often the companies in the food industry are in search of food fibers optimum based on the ratio of the price and quality. For the long time EU countries (Germany and Poland) were the main suppliers of the food fibers on the Russian market. However, not so long ago there were also Russian producers of food fibers with a product which is not of a lower quality than the European analogs. One of such producers of quality food fibers is the BIOPRODMASH factory. Food fibers are produced on hi-tech modern lines and conforms to all European and Russian standards.

FINEUNION company is an official partner of the BIOPRODMASH factory and sells wholesale food fibers in St. Petersburg.

Range of products is available on our website and you can contact us by phone # 7 (812) 640-01-60

дата публикации: 21 Мая 2019 г.

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