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Raw materials for baby food

Raw materials for baby food

You can purchase raw materials for baby food production  in St. Petersburg at good prices from the company FINE UNION LLC. We can offer high-quality juice concentrates and purees from vegetables, fruits, berries.

The production of baby food requires a special attention to the quality of raw materials. FINE UNION LLC works only with the best suppliers from Russia and other countries. All concentrates, puree and pastes are made only from natural, ripe vegetables and fruits, do not contain foreign impurities and GMO. The products we  offer are fully comply with all sanitary standards of the Russian Federation and complied with international quality and safety standards.

Raw materials for the production of baby puree:

• Apple puree

• Pear puree

• Plum puree

• Apricot puree

• Peach puree

• Carrot puree

• Zucchini puree

• Pumpkin puree

Raw materials for the production of baby juices:

• Apple concentrate

• Cherry concentrate

• Orange concentrate

• White grape concentrate

• Red grape concentrate

• Blackberry concentrate

• Blueberry concentrate

The most popular types of baby food with which babies usually begin to eat are zucchini puree and apple juice. Let us follow in details on the process of preparing of raw materials for them to show how a natural product is made.

Zucchini puree 4-10% brix in our range is produced in the Russian Federation and is a product of processing of fresh zucchini. It has a typical light green color and a pleasant texture without foreign inclusions. Zucchini puree is packed in 220-245 kg net aseptic bag and placed in a metal drum. Shelf life of this products is  1.5 years from the date of manufacture in a dry well-ventilated premise protected from direct sunlight at a temperature of 0 to + 25 С and relative air humidity of not more than 75%.

Apple juice concentrate 70% brix in our range is represented by manufacturers from China, Iran and Kazakhstan. It is a 100% natural concentrated clarified juice which is made from ripe apples. Apple concentrate is packed in 270-280 kg net aseptic bag placed in a metal drum.

Shelf life of this product is 2 years from the date of manufacture at storage temperature from -10 С to + 4 С.

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