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The quality mark for goods of food industry. Interview with Ivan Fedyakov

The quality mark for goods of food industry. Interview with Ivan Fedyakov

USAIS (Unified State Automated Information System) is already successfully applied to labeling of production in a number of branches. First of all labeling of production the quality mark which reveals a secret of its origin and movement from the supplier to the buyer is a mean of fight against a counterfeit. Having got successful experience of application of the Unified State Automated Information System, Minpromtorg (Ministry of Industry and Trade) plans to introduce it also in food industry. Goods for which plan to introduce special labeling in general belong to food: juice, tea, coffee, preservation and other. At the same time the special quality mark on food will indirectly support the Russian producers and will drive goods of doubtful origin out of the market of food.

The Kommersant magazine shares the opinion on an initiative of Minpromtorg in an interview the CEO of the analytical agency Infoline Ivan Fedyakov.

"It, first of all, is caused by fight against a counterfeit which will difficult mark. We see how rather successfully the Unified State Automated Information System drives counterfeit drinks out of the market of alcoholic products.

Besides, it means some indirect support of local manufacturers because now the Russian consumer market is open, absolutely liberal, and production is freely imported into the country, at the same time without being assessed with any taxes.

As a result of it she somewhere can compete with local production and drive her out of the market owing to bigger availability. In case of introduction of various national systems regulating turnover of these or those goods, it will already be slightly more difficult to import production to adapt to this system of regulation".

If the decision on inclusion of food products in the Unified State Automated Information System is made, then the first products with the special quality marks will appear by 2024.

дата публикации: 23 Апреля 2018 г.

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