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Scientists have created a wonder packing for ketchup

Scientists have created a wonder packing for ketchup

Chemists from the Technological University of Virginia in Bleksburg (USA) have developed a special cups for bottles and soft packings which will allow not to suffer of squeezing out ketchup and other similar sauces from a bottle. "Our cups consists of usual vegetable oils. For his creation any difficult recipe isn't necessary, and it is absolutely safe for health of the person" — it is reported in article published in the Scientific Reports magazine.

Earlier there was already a set of attempts to develop packing for sauces with similar properties, but all of them were too expensive in production but due to the invention of the American scientists now it will be cheap. The technology is based that porous sheets from polyethylene well absorb vegetable oils, such film will push out literally ketchup and other viscous liquids, without allowing them to be hooked for the surface of polymer. It was already confirmed by the made experiments.

Application of such technological packing will allow not only to save nerves of fans of ketchup, but also to reduce quantity of products which are utilized together with packing.

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дата публикации: 27 Августа 2018 г.

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