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Food product anti-sanctions are prolonged until the end of December, 2019.

Food product anti-sanctions are prolonged until the end of December, 2019.

It means that within a year meat and meat production, milk and dairy products, fish and fish production, vegetables and fruit are subject to the ban on import. Such products were under the sanctions initially. Embargo has extended to salt, to pigs (an exception — thoroughbred breeding animals), deliveries of the fresh, cooled or frozen food offal of cattle, pigs, sheep, goats, horses and so on. However, since May of last year the ban on supply of salt for production of medicines and biologically active additives has been withdrawn.

According to Federal Tax Service, foreign countries have lost already 8,3 billion rubles because of the food embargo entered by Russia. The most part of production was imported from the European Union for the sum almost of 5,9 billion dollars, to Norway 1,1 billion dollars, were the share of the USA — 780 million dollars, to Canada — 373 million dollars, and to Australia — 182 million dollars. Poland (1,1 billion dollars), Austria (852 million dollars) and the Netherlands (794 million dollars) were the main European importers.

On the first place there was meat production, it was imported by 818 thousand tons on 2,1 billion dollars. On the second place there were dairy products — 464 thousand tons on 1,8 billion dollars; on the third — fish and seafood — 546 thousand tons on 1,7 billion dollars. Fruit and nuts made 1,3 million tons on 1,4 billion dollars, vegetables — 761 thousand tons on 706 million dollars. Other production is agricultural raw materials, confectionery, together they made 104 thousand tons on 604 million dollars a year.

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