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Eurasian Economic Union will create the system of organic products regulation

Eurasian Economic Union will create the system of organic products regulation

According to information from the Eurasian Economic Commission dated May 18, it is said about the preparation of a regulatory act on the creation of a system to regulate the circulation of organic products within the EAEU. It is considered appropriate - to build in the Union a system of regulation of the circulation of organics, having prepared a supranational act aimed at mutual recognition of documents on the assessment of conformity of organic production on the basis of unification of national legislation. This will ensure the unimpeded movement of organic agricultural products in the EAEU and will create conditions for the realization of export potential against the background of the growth of world demand for organic goods, the EAEU said.

During the working meeting on May 18, 2020, the Ministers of the Eurasian Economic Commission considered the issue of forming a common market for organic agricultural products in the EAEU. Today, all countries of the Union have adopted a legislative framework for the development of organic agricultural production, the area of certified organic land, which amounts to about 900 thousand hectares, the number of producers of organic products has exceeded 1300, - the words from the statement of the commission by the agency TASS are given.

The topic of organic products is extremely popular in the world in general and in Russia in particular. An increasing number of people are monitoring their health and nutrition as an integral part of a healthy lifestyle. The countries that are members of the EAEU for the most part have territories that contribute to organic farming in their climatic characteristics, so it should be expected that organic products from the EAEU will be in demand both in the world markets and within the Union itself.

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