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Results of a research about consumption of eco-friendly products

Results of a research about consumption of eco-friendly products

The research devoted to assessment of ecological literacy and the interests of responsible buyers in the choice of ecogoods is conducted in 2018 by online poll method among 1 600 people living mostly in Moscow and St. Petersburg. Ecological Union and GREENS Ecobureau with assistance of Council of ministers of the Northern Countries, internet mass-media, bloggers, media platforms, public organizations, the companies which support the idea of responsible consumption and safety of the nature for future generations is realized.

The research shows that especially demand is expressed on eco food (83,6), household chemicals (74,1) and cosmetics (63,8). Priorities of buyers had also included such types of goods as clothes and footwear (26,6), children's goods (24,9), goods for construction and repair (15,7).

According to participants of poll, producers need to produce more eco-friendly food, to pass to eco-friendly packing and also to ekologizirovat automobile production and transport. Also responsible buyers are interested in that in shops there was more than various eco-friendly goods for the house.

Official ecomarking (78,6) is the main sign of really eco-friendly goods for buyers that is quite interesting in the light of small percent of the respondents who are really well understanding ecosigns (23,4). This indicator speaks about need of additional education of ecoconsumers: they understand that the ecogoods have to have the corresponding sign, but still badly are guided in this question.

Besides ecomarking, Russians are used to pay attention to structure of a product (35,8) – the, according to them, if the structure is shorter, it is better – and on an own intuition during search of really eco goods (25,1).

Ecoconsumers specially look for concrete ecogoods on the Internet, read about it responses, buy it in specialized shops (43,5), watch reviews on specialized online portals and read comments in communities on HEALTHY LIVING on social networks (36,7), or look for in shop the shelf with "green" label goods and choose among them (34,6). By the way, 32,1 of respondents get acquainted with ecogoods accidentally if notice it in shop.

90,0 of respondents not only buy eco goods, but also have other "green" habits. For example, this part of buyers use less packages also uses reusable bags (78,6), saves resources (67,5), collects and hands over hazardous waste (67,4).

FINEUNION company supports aspiration of a conscious part of mankind to eco-friendly way of life. Our company can offer wholesale raw materials of good quality for food industry which completely meet all sanitary standards of the Russian Federation HACCP, etc. is certified on ISO9002.

дата публикации: 02 Октября 2018 г.

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