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The authoritative German publication Die Welt published an article according to which world banana plantations are threatened with extinction. The fault is a disease called Tropical Race 4 (TR4). It was known about it back in the 20th century, and in 2019 the disease reached South America, where the world's banana plantations are located. It is noted that the TR4 is mainly struck by the Cavendish variety, the export of which covers 95% of the global banana trade.

According to Ursula Shokemele, a fruit expert at AMI marketing company, the first plantations have already closed in Colombia and Honduras. She noted that the disease is not amenable to the action of chemicals, because of which contaminated soils will be decommissioned for at least 30-40 years.


Experts warn that even a small particle of contaminated soil on the sole of a farmer can lead to the spread of infection. In addition, they explained that the disease spreads rapidly due to the transfer of the same genes by plants to each other.

"Male banana palm flowers are sterile, and female ones form fruits without pollination. Cavendish does not reproduce sexually through processes, "experts emphasize.


The Cavendish banana variety is the most productive and it is not so easy to replace.

For residents of Russia, like a number of other countries, bananas are more of a treat, but for countries in Asia, Africa and South America bananas are an important part of the daily diet. The loss of banana plantations will devastate not only farmers, but can also provoke food shortages.


The news itself, published in an authoritative German publication, already serves as a prerequisite for a possible increase in the cost of bananas, as previously similar trends significantly raised the price of cocoa and coffee.


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