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Fine Union LLC sells grape vinegar in bulk in St.- Petersburg. We offer high quality goods and pleasant prices!

Natural grape vinegar is made from by-products of winemaking, grape juice and wine. Thanks to its natural origin, grape vinegar has a pleasant taste and a number of healthy properties. So grape vinegar contains tartaric, lactic, pantheic acids. It is also rich in minerals, potassium, iron. All this makes grape vinegar not only tasty but also useful!

There are three types of grape vinegar: white (which is made from white and green grape varieties), red (which is made from dark grape varieties), balsamic (which is made by boiling the juice of light grape varieties and keeping the raw materials in a wooden barrel for at least 3 years).

Fine Union LLC supplies natural food vinegar in bulk at favorable prices. NATURAL FOOD VINEGAR 10%, 15%, 18%, 19%, 20%, 22%, 23% for the production of food additives and seasonings, preparation of drinks, preservation.

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