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Which juices are the most useful?

Which juices are the most useful?

Juice is a source of vitamins, mineral substances and pectin for our organism. Juices can be made from fruits, berries and vegetables. We will tell about the most useful of them.

Orange juice

One of the most known and favourite juice of many people. It is rich with vitamin C, various minerals and antioxidants. Researches show that its daily use reduces cancer cases of a stomach, mouth and throat by 50.

Interesting fact: orange juice reduces harmful effects on a skin of sunshine. At the same time juice should be applied to a skin. Undoubtedly, more pleasantly is to drink orange juice

Apple juice

One of the juices which is the most popular in our country, and the first with which babies begin the acquaintance to juice. Apple juice is vitamin-rich, contains pectin which improves work of a GIT but its main advantage is antioxidants. They protect cells from an oxidizing stress which brings to destruction of cells of an organism and as a result aging. Traditional medicine recommends apple juice for treatment of purulent wounds.

Grape juice

Helps restoration of the damaged nervous system and is useful at muscle weakness. It cleans kidneys and a liver from toxins and filters a blood and also considerably reduces the content of bad cholesterol in a blood.

Carrot juice

Improves vision, strengthens an organism and restores forces after illness, it is useful at augmentation of mental and exercise stresses. At the same time carrot juice helps at treatment of stomach ulcer, cancer formations of a stomach and lungs, tuberculosis and anemia. It improves appetite, strengthens teeth, increases resilience to infections.

Cherry juice

Cherry juice helps at constipations, improves a metabolism, strengthens an organism. It promotes improvement of appetite that needs to be considered who keeps the rigid diet.

Interesting fact: if you have a glass of cherry juice in a day, then it is possible to improve structure of a blood significantly.

Blueberry juice

Ideal juice for conservation of a good figure. Only 38 kcal in 100 grams of berries. Despite the low caloric content, juice of blueberry differs in rich composition of vitamins, especially vitamin C, potassium, Fe. Besides, in juice of blueberry there is a lot of fat.

In traditional medicine blackberry is used at treatment of a stomach and for improvement of vision.

Blackberry juice

Blackberry juice, as well as blueberry, has low caloric content at all of the vitamins entering it Blackberry promotes strengthening of immunity, restores the broken metabolism and normalizes functions of an organism.

Interesting fact: if to wipe with blackberry juice a face every day, then a skin will become noticeable fresh and more young.

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