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FINE UNION LLC offers both tomato paste 28-30% brix and 36-38% brix from the best manufacturers of Iran, China, Turkey, Spain, Italy, Kazakhstan. High quality tomato paste at good prices and we can offer individual approach to each customer!

Among specialists in the food industry brix is used to characterize juices and other raw materials from vegetables, fruits and berries. Brix represents the mass percentage of dry substances in fruit juice. It is named after the German chemist of the 19 century Professor A. Brix. The Brix scale is used in the food industry to measure the average amount of sugar in fruits, vegetables, juices, wine, soft drinks and in the sugar industry. Brix is closely related to the quality of the fruits themselves. For example, fruits with poor palatability will have a low brix and ripe ones grown under favorable conditions and having a bright taste higher.


FINE UNION LLC offers tomato paste in big drums with the following BRIX indicators:

• Tomato paste 28-30% brix HB (hot break) from Iran

• Tomato paste 28-30% brix CB (cold break) produced by Spain, Italy and Turkey

• Tomato paste 36-38% brix CB (cold break) from China

• Tomato paste 36-38% brix CB (cold break) from Iran

• Tomato paste 36-38% brix CB (cold break) from Kazakhstan

A full range of tomato products is available on our website and you can ask for details by phone: +7 (812) 640-01-60

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