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Among the assortment of Fine Union LLC you can easily find high-quality raw materials for the production of sauces such as popular ones as ketchup and mayonnaise to the original blueberry sauce for meat. All raw materials for sauces are made only from natural, ripe fruits, vegetables and berries grown without the use of GMO technologies. The products are fully comply with all sanitary standards of the Russian Federation and certified according to ISO9002, HACCP, etc.

Raw materials for sauces

Tomato paste and diced tomatoes for sauces:

Let us tell about the most famous types of sauces in which the main ingredient is tomato paste or diced tomatoes: ketchup, tomato sauce, tomato&plum sauce, spicy tomato sauce, tomato&apple sauce, ajika, satsebeli, various types of tomato sauce for barbecue, Mexican sauce (Salsa), tomato Chinese acid.

Pepper paste for sauces:

The following types of sauces are made on the basis of sweet pepper paste: Bulgarian sauce, adjika, canary sauce "Moho roho," cream sauce with Bulgarian pepper, classic sauce from tomatoes and Bulgarian pepper.

Plum puree for sauces:

Perhaps the most famous mashed plum sauces are Georgian Tkemali and Sacibeli sauces.

Blueberry juice and dried berries for sauces:

A large number of sauces for meat and sauces for the confectionery industry are produced from berries puree and berries juice. Blueberry sauces are especially often found in the cuisines of the northern regions of Russia, where blueberry sauce is used both with meat dishes and for serving with pancakes, pies and other sweet dishes.


In the next article, we will talk about carrot and apple puree sauces, peach-based sauces and apricots, as well as the role of vinegar in production of sauces.

The full range of raw materials for sauces production is presented on our website, you can contact our managers by phone: 007 (812) 640-01-60

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