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Fine Union LLC offers food fiber in bulk in St. Petersburg. In addition to food fiber, you will find favorable prices and an individual attitude to each client!

Food fiber is a 100% natural product made from wheat. Fiber is used in the food industry as it has a high moisture-retaining and fat-retaining ability.

Fine Union LLC is the official representative of the BIOPRODMASH plant in St. Petersburg. "BIOPRODMASH" is the leader in the field of food fiber production, it is a modern production site using high European standards! To produce food fiber the producer uses environmentally friendly wheat from Russian fields so this guarantees an excellent quality and good prices!

Available kinds of food fiber in bulk:

  • Profiber 90
  • Profiber 200
  • Profiber 500


A full range of raw materials for the food industry is available on our website. You can ask questions regarding the products by phone: 7 (812) 640-01-60

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