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Tomato paste is a favorite ingredient in the cooking of many peoples of the world. Tomato paste in most people is immediately associated with sunny Italy. This is not surprising, because it is used for the most famous national dishes, such as pizza and Italian pasta. Italians love tomatoes so much that they even arrange the annual La Tomatina holiday with the main entertainment, which is tomato fighting. However, before the discovery of the South American continent, Italians, like other Europeans, did not know the delightful taste of tomatoes. It was in those days that the first varieties of potatoes, sweet and spicy peppers, corn and many other agricultural plants were brought to Europe, without which it is now unthinkable to imagine the national cuisines of almost all the peoples of Eurasia.


The first to eat tomatoes and make tomato paste from them were the indigenous peoples of South America. In the language of the peoples who inhabited the territories of Mexico and Peru (Aztecs, Incas, Indians), this plant was called "tomato" - "large berry," "Peruvian golden apple." Hence the Russian name "tomato." According to archaeological data, the tomato was known to the inhabitants of Bolivia, Peru, Chile, Ecuador back in the 5th century. BC uh.. Wild and semi-cultural forms of this plant are still found in Peru, the Galapagos Islands and elsewhere. In South America, the tomato grew in the form of a herbaceous plant, shrub and even a tree up to 5 m high. In ancient times, the tomato from its homeland fell into Mexico, where it may have been first domesticated.


The Indians of South America not only consumed tomatoes in raw form, but also prepared tomato juice and tomato paste from them. It is assumed that the technology for preparing tomato paste was as follows: tomatoes were triturated into porridge, then laid out in a thin layer and slugged in the sun, then rubbed again. This preparation method made it possible to remove excess moisture from the tomato paste. Modern technologies for the preparation and storage of tomato paste have stepped far forward,

and manufacturers offer various types of tomato paste (hot and cold break), but the aroma of ripe tomatoes gives the dishes its unique taste for not the first thousand years!


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