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Organic (bio, natural) production

Organic (bio, natural) production

Organic (bio, natural) production passes all stages of certification and conforms to all standards of environmental friendliness of a product. Not each product called EСO, BIO or ORGANIС is really organic. Label ECO, BIO or ORGANIC can approve only specialized authorized certification company.

There are more and more people in Russia who prefer healthy, eco-friendly nutrition despite higher cost of such products.

EU Organic label

Guarantees that products on which he is placed is made according to special regulations of the EU ( EU 834/2007, the EU 889/2008) and meets requirements imposed to all process of production of organic product from structure of the soil on which the product is grown up to consumer packing in which organic product in shop is on sale.

Also local standards of countries exist about ecologically safe production. Packaging can also be marked with sign of certification of the manufacturing country of goods. These standards, usually completely correspond to all-European.

Germany Organic label

Rules of certification have been adopted in 2001. It can be applied on packing along with the all-European designation of organic products.

France Organic label

In 1985 the Ministry of Agriculture of France has developed rules of production of organic products for receiving the designation "Agriculture Biologique". In 2009 criteria of this certification have been brought into accord with requirements of organic products of the European Union.

Switzerland Organic label

BIOSUISSE is a guarantee of the Swiss quality of food.

Italy Organic label

ICEA the Italian institute of certification, controls and certifies the companies manufacturing the products according to the quality standards and observing respect for the environment.

Denmark Organic label

Products designated by such label is controlled by public authorities of Denmark.


The label Demeter is a system of certification with the most strict requirements as to the substances used in the course of production and respect for the environment. At cultivation of plants special attention is paid to phases of the Moon.

USA Organic certification

Guarantees that product is made according to requirements to production of organic products of the National Organic Program (National Organic Programm). Requirements are similar with European for 90-95, but in the USA there are several types of marking of production, in particular instructions on what she: "organic", "natural", "doesn't contain GMO", etc. At the same time the concept "natural" doesn't mean "organic". The evidence of organic origin of a product in the USA - marking of "USDA Organic" which means that 95-100 of volume of ingredients conform to requirements of organic chemistry. If a product organic for 100, it is specified. Marking of "Organic" corresponds to the maintenance of organic chemistry not less than 95. If her not less than 70, the instruction "It Is Made of Organic "ingredients/Made with organic ingredients" becomes if less than 70 - "Contain organic ingredients" / "Contains organic ingredients".

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