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Juice concentrates

Juice concentrates

Let us discuss juice concentrates through the example of apple juice concentrate.

The apple juice concentrate is made from fresh apples, which are firstly crushed, then pressed and depectinized (i.e., pectin and other colloidal particles are cleaved by special enzymes). After that juice passes the ultra filtration stage to achieve maximum transparency, followed by a vacuum concentration process at low temperature. At this process juice concentrate production is completed, juice is pasteurized and packed in aseptic bag. Aseptic bags with concentrate are placed in metal drums for further storage and deliveries. Concentrated apple juice is stored at temperature from 0 C to 5 C and its shelf life is 2 years.

Mostly concentrates are produced from various fruits and berries: apples, grapes, cherries, oranges and the others.

Juice concentrate is widely used in the food industry, primarily for making juices, juice-containing beverages, alcoholic beverages. In addition, concentrated juices are used in baby food production and for the needs of the confectionery industry.


Where can you buy juice concentrates in Saint-Petersburg?

FINE UNION company offers the following kinds of concentrated juices from the best local and foreign manufacturers:

  • Apple juice concentrate 70% brix
  • Orange juice concentrate 65% brix
  • Red grape concentrate 65% or 68% brix
  • White grape concentrate 65% or 68% brix
  • Cherry juice concentrate 65% brix
  • Blueberry concentrate 65% brix
  • Blackberry concentrate 65% brix


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