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Our company arranges the deliveries of  apricot puree in drums at a favourable prices. FINE UNION LLC can load the products from the warehouse located in St.-Petersburg. Our company supplies apricot puree in drums from Greece, China and Kazakhstan.

Apricot puree is used in the production of juices and soft drinks, baby food, in the confectionery industry. The taste of the final product depends on its quality. If you purchase high-quality apricot puree from FINE UNION LLC you can be sure of the success of your products between final customers.


Specifications for apricot puree in drums as follows:

  • APRICOT PUREE 30-32% BRIX China
  • APRICOT PUREE 30-32% BRIX Greece
  • APRICOT PUREE 30-32% BRIX Kazakhstan


Apricot puree is packed 230-245 kg net in an aseptic bag which is placed in a metal drum. Aseptic bag prevents contact of apricot puree with drum walls. Due to this type of packaging of goods transportation and storage, as a rule, occur without damage and damage.

Shelf life of apricot puree in barrels is 24 months since the date of manufacture at storage temperature up to + 25 С.

Because of the country of origin apricot puree has high taste qualities and it does not contain foreign inclusions (dyes, flavors, etc.). Puree is produced exclusively from ripe apricots, which are obtained without using GMO technologies. Apricot puree complies with all sanitary standards of the Russian Federation, certified according to ISO9002, HACCP, etc. We strictly monitor the quality of the delivered products and deal only with the best manufacturers!

A full range of fruits and berries  purees in drums is available on our website and you can ask all questions by phone:  +7 (812) 640-01-60

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