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Most of the companies that sell to Russia vegetables and fruit from territories of the world

Most of the companies that sell to Russia vegetables and fruit from territories of the world

Vegetable import to Russia following the results of 2017 made 2,5 million tons. These are about $1,5 billion (99 billion rubles). The statistics of import of fruit is even more adult: nearly 5 million tons worth more than $3,5 billion (233 billion rubles). From this volume about 60 passed through St. Petersburg. 95 of branch are controlled by the companies with billion turns. Representatives of this business met in September in Moscow at the grocery WorldFood Moscow 2018 exhibition.

These meetings take place since 1992. The section of import of vegetables and fruit where for four days representatives of 229 various companies from more than 30 countries of the world gathered has to seem to sitizen of especially curious. From the Russian companies which are engaged in import, the stands on WorldFood Moscow have 64 companies. As well as everywhere, in this business there are also strongest players who divide among themselves that part of the market which retail chain stores, like O'key or "Lenta", did not reach yet.

The largest import companies at once several participants of the market were called "Ahmed Frut", "The Nevsky fruit company", by "Globe", Aybarus, "Tropic" and "Ruzifrut". From them "Tropic" and "Globe" are based not in St. Petersburg, but have the representation offices here. According to the CEO of the Aybarus company Maxim Dontsov, today about 25-35 of import pass through these companies. Another 60-70 of all vegetables and fruit – to Russia, and the rest is divided among themselves by average and small players.

"It is difficult to say which of players is larger and who is less. To count it is also represented problematic because all have different customs, the countries and the cities, volumes. We understand that all are capable of everything. There is no sense to allocate who is more, and who less. There is no problem to give any goods, there is a problem it is favorable to sell it", – the purchaser of the Ahmed Frut company Mikhail Slastenin shares reasons.

Fruit import to St. Petersburg from the countries as South America, the Republic of South Africa, Morocco and even New Zealand. On some positions, for example banana or tangerine, the city actually has a monopoly. The remained 40 of import go through Novorossiysk sea port. The choice is caused only by geography: in Russia two trade ports between which the decision is made in favor of the next. The role is played also that millions of tons of products go by sea. In this case everything is also dictated by logic: departures of surface-to-air first are more expensive, secondly, because of the scales are not so convenient for distant transportation.

дата публикации: 18 Октября 2018 г.

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