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Ministry of Agriculture of the Russian Federation is planning to slash to zero a duty for import

Ministry of Agriculture of the Russian Federation is planning to slash to zero a duty for import

23 of March 2020 the Director of the Agricultural Ministry of the Russian Federation market regulation Department Maxim Titov has signed an official letter to the main and biggest associations and unions of food products manufacturers and suppliers.

According to RosBusinessConsulting information the recipients of this letter are: National meat association, NSS, Association of confectionery enterprises (ASCOND), National union of milk manufactures (Souzmoloko), National union of fruits and vegetables manufacturers, Russian-wide association of fish-farming enterprises, enterpreneurs and exporters (VARPE), Russian union of flour-milling and cereal enterprises, Union of the Russian sugar manufacturers, Union of participants of the vegetable and potato market and the others. The document purpose is to know the point of view of the Russian manufacturers regarding the planning slash to zero of a duty for import food products. This measure is supposed to avoid the rise in prices for food products and raw materials for food industry which is caused by situation with Corona virus COVID-2019. Ministry of Agriculture of the Russian Federation asked to provide it with the comments and suggestions regarding temprorary measure of slashing to zero a duty for import of food products, agricultural products and food raw materials.

Whether the decision about zero import duty for food products will be takes is not clear at the moment. At the same time is it clear that current situation in the world is negatively impact on food industry and logistics schemes which were stable during the years became useless because of the boarders close for quarantine regime. Many of the experts are sure that some of the manufacturers will switch to purchasing the food products and raw materials from the local market.

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дата публикации: 08 Апреля 2020 г.

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