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Russian Quality Control authority (Roskachestvo) will audit products quality strictly!

Russian Quality Control authority (Roskachestvo) will audit products quality strictly!

Roskachestvo begins testing products with a brand place of origin. That is, those food products which name shows their territorial origin. These products have their abbreviation, name of origin.

It is no secret that, for example, Altai is considered an environmentally friendly area and many consumers give preference to food products that are manufactured in this region. In addition to Altai such brand places are considered Vologda, which is famous for its dairy products (brand Vologda butter) or Adygeya (Adygey cheese) and others.

ANO "Russian Quality System" (Roskachestvo created by the Government of the Russian Federation for the study of goods) has launched checks of products for compliance with the certificates of the name of origin. A similar measure is planned for products that will receive certificates of protected geographical indication. Roskachestvo specified that they operate on behalf of the Ministry of Industry and Agriculture. At the first stage the checks will affect, in particular, drinking water, including mineral water. It is planned to decide on other categories of Roskachestvo before summer. The Ministry of Agriculture stated that inspections should guarantee control and quality assurance.

дата публикации: 20 Мая 2020 г.

отредактировано: 22 Июня 2020 г.