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Corona virus and deliveries from China

Corona virus and deliveries from China

Corona viral shedding COVID-19 which now has not vaccine have led to a scare not only in the nations but also in a business communities. As a result many big companies stopped to purchase goods in China. Basically it is related to fresh vegetables and fruits. For example, due to the close of the board with China on the Far East there was a break in import of Chinese fruits and vegetables which was the main reason of multiple price increase. At the same time experts ensure that scare of the people to contract virus infection through food is undue. “This virus is aerosol transmissible so the risk of direct infection through food is minimal. There is still have no prove of infection through deliveries (finished products, goods and parcels)” according to information of the Chinese expert of the Control and Sickness prevention center Zhan Lubo RIA New. Moreover, officially there were no embargo for import of goods from China at the moment. There are no recommendations against Corona virus of the Health Ministry of Russia to refuse from Chinese products.

Anyway Chinese manufacturers and supplies of the food industry despite of quarantine make all efforts to fulfill their obligations carefully and it time to deliver the goods on the territory of Russia. FINE UNION company can offer the following food products from China:

  • Tomato paste 36-38% brix CB
  • Apple concentrate 70% brix
  • Apricot puree 30-32% brix
  • White kidney beans
  • Red kidney beans
  • Dried berries whole and pieces

If you doubt to purchase the food products of Chinese origin we can offer you to purchase the food products from the other countries (Russia, Bulgria, Serbia, Greece and the other). The full range of products you can find on our web-site. You can also can make a call to clarify all the details with our specialist using the phone # 007812640 01 60

дата публикации: 14 Марта 2020 г.

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