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Apricot puree wholesales

Apricot puree wholesales

Apricot puree is not so highly-demanded in the food industry as apple puree but at the same time this product is also used in the confectionery. The pure apricot pure or its mix with other fruit purees is highly used for cakes, cookies, candies, baby food, juices, beverages, jams and fruit jellies. Apricot puree has its own strong taste and it is important this puree to be very tasty. It is especially important to choose quality of apricot puree for baby food production. Our company pays attention to the quality of goods and purchase the products only from the well-known and stable quality manufacturers. We can make you an offer for the following apricot puree:

Apricot puree 30-32% brix (Greek origin)

Apricot puree 30-32% brix (Chinese origin)

Apricot puree 30-32% brix (Kazakh origin)

All above mentioned puree is manufactured from rape apricots without additives and GMO free. It is packed in aseptic bags 230-245 kg net inside metal drums.

Additional information about the full range of our products you can find on our web-site or contact our managers by phone #+7 (812) 640-01-60.

дата публикации: 31 Марта 2020 г.

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