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Apple juice can be considered the most popular juice in Russia and also in many other countries of the world. According to a survey of Runet users apple juice was called the most popular by 23%, orange juice (19%) was in second place, and multi-fruit juice (14%) was in third place. Such indicators are associated, first of all, with the fact that apples are the most common fruits in Russia and the juice manufactured from them is very tasty, useful and safe in terms of allergic reactions. This is the first juice with which the baby is introduced from the age of four months. The composition of apple juice includes organic acids, dietary fibers, sugars, carbohydrates, proteins, fats, vitamins of groups B, C, E, PP, P, minerals: magnesium, calcium, iron, potassium, iodine, fluorine, phosphorus and sodium, etc.

Thanks to the rich composition apple juice prevents many diseases such as heart disease, kidney disease, bowel disease, anemia, lung disease. Apple juice due to its low calorie content is part of many diets. The ability of apple juice to quickly restore strength is used in sports and therapeutic nutrition.

The most delicious and useful, of course, is freshly squeezed juice, but unfortunately, it is not available at any time of the year and requires time and effort. There is an alternative - natural apple juice restored. Such juice is made from concentrated apple juice. Apple concentrate is made from fresh apples, which are first ground, then compressed and depectinized (that is, with the help of special enzymes, pectin and other colloidal particles are broken down). After that, the juice goes through the ultra filtration stage to achieve maximum transparency, then passes the vacuum concentration process at a low temperature mode. In this process, the juice concentrate production process is completed, the juice is pasteurized and packed.

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