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Tomato paste in drums by wholesale

Tomato paste in drums by wholesale

What it is important to know about supplies of tomato paste by wholesale? One of the most important aspects of purchase of qualitative tomato paste depends on a type of packing and storage in accordance with requirements. Good quality tomato paste is delivered in the aseptic bag placed in a metal drum 220 - 245 kg net. This method of packing allows to transport and store tomato paste in the optimum way. The metal drum will save from damages, and the bag doesn't allow tomato paste to adjoin to drum metal. At the same time it is important to meet storage conditions: 2 years from the date of production at a storage temperature from - 10C to + 20C. Wholesaling tomato paste in drums, after verification of all necessary documents for goods, it is worth being convinced of integrity of drums, to check for existence of corrosion and other damages. Small dents are acceptable, they could arise while transporting, but at the same time haven't affected integrity of a drum.

FINEUNION company sells tomato paste by wholesale in drums at favorable prices:


Tomato paste 28-30 brix CB (cold extraction) origin of Spain, Italy and Turkey

Tomato paste 36-38 brix CB (a cold extraction) China origin

Tomato paste 28-30 brix HB (a hot extraction) Iran origin

Tomato paste 36-38 brix CB (a cold extraction) Iran origin

Diced tomatoes (dices, cubes, crushed tomatoes) origin of Italy, Turkey, Spain

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