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Raw materials for puree

Raw materials for puree

You can buy in St. Petersburg from FINE UNION LLC raw materials for the production of vegetable, fruit, berries purees. The raw materials for puree is represented by concentrated fruit puree, vegetable puree and pastes, as well as berry concentrates. For example, for the production of baby puree the most commonly used are:

  • Apple puree 36-38% brix,
  • Pear puree 30-32% brix,
  • Apricot puree 30-32% brix,
  • Squash puree 4-10% brix,
  • Carrot puree 8% brix
  • Pumpkin puree 10-12% brix.
In addition to the production of baby food, puree is widely used in the confectionery industry, in the manufacture of juices and beverages, as well as in the production of sauces.

Our company offers raw materials for puree from leading Russian and foreign producers (Serbia, Italy, Spain, China, Kazakhstan, Iran, Greece). All raw materials for puree are made only from natural vegetables and fruits which do not contain GMO.

The puree raw material is packaged in aseptic bags placed in a metal drum.

The full range of raw materials for the food industry is presented on our website and also you can contact us by phone: 7 (812) 640-01-60

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