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Blueberry juice

Blueberry juice

Blueberry is very useful for health but at the same time blueberry juice is not so popular as, for example, orange juice. Blueberries are the native berries for Russians in comparison with foreign oranges. Let us explain why blueberry juice is especially useful for health but not every Russian tasted it.

According to reports of scientists blueberry juice is on the forth place in the rating of the most useful juices. It is made from blueberries (Ericaceae) which is widely known all over the Russia.

First of all, blueberry is very useful for eyesight. This characteristic is well known for many years and widely used both in folk-medicine and pharmacy. Blueberry juice digests better than with pills and it positively influences on eyes.

Blueberry juice has strong immune-modulating properties.

In addition, blueberry juice is recommended in a number of diseases: anemia and hypovitaminosis, physical and nervous exhaustion, memory and attention disorders, chronic fatigue, osteoporosis, eye diseases and varicose veins. Blueberry juice not only strengthens veins and other vessels, but also normalizes the composition of blood, due to the high content of iron and other trace elements. Thus, we see that the general strengthening, antioxidant and tonic properties of blueberry juice make it one of the most useful juices.

Blueberry juice has a pleasant taste but the prime cost of its production is higher than expensed for production of usual orange or apple juice.

You can make blueberry juice at home by squeezing out fresh berries but in industrial production of blueberry juice it is made from blueberry concentrate. Blueberry juice concentrate is also used in the production of soft and alcoholic beverages, confectionery and in children's nutrition.

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