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Why address to us?

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    When making pastes and mashed potatoes, genetically modified vegetables and fruits are not used!

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    The product fully complies with all sanitary norms of the Russian Federation, is certified according to ISO9002, HACCP and others.

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    LLC "FineUnion" ​​is pleased to offer you food Concentrates, vegetable pastes and fruit purees in bulk at the best prices!

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    All our pastes, concentrates and purees completely A natural product, without any impurities.

About us

What can FINE UNION company offer to the customers? Are you interested in fruit or vegetable puree purchasing? Do you urgently need a big amount of good quality tomato paste? Do you need vinegar for your production? All this, including also diced tomatoes, berries puree, food fibers, blends, dried berries and fruits, is included in our wide range of qualitative products. First of all, it is possible due to established international relations and a huge experience in our business because our company has been one of the main suppliers of raw materials for the food industry in the Russian Federation and other CIS countries for many years.

Our product is made only from natural ingredients, without any impurities, meets the highest environmental standards and does not contain GMO. After all, the main thing for us is the quality of the goods we sell. That is why we work only with proven and reliable food producers! FINE UNION company is the official representative and partner of Issykskiy Plodokonservniy Factory (Kazakhstan) on the territory of the Russian Federation. Our company can arrange the supplies of tomato paste, apple puree, apricot puree and apple concentrate. Our company represents the interests of the BIOPRODMASH plant and can cover your demand with food fibers. This plant was built according to the highest European standards, which uses environmentally friendly wheat from all fields of Russia for processing.

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194044, St. Petersburg, ul. Helsingfors 4, building 1, to B., Off 58.

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