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Dried fruits, dried fruits (general information)

Freeze dried berries and fruits are natural which are processed with special technology (lyophilization) for the further usage in food industry. Freeze-dried products can be also a final product for the buyer, but more often it is a component in other products (quick-cooking cereals, medical gathering, muesli, teas, candies and confectionery toppings, beverages and drinks).
The technology of product freezing with further vacuum drying is the only method allowing to keep up to 95 of minerals and useful properties of fresh raw materials in canned foods. Freeze dried product acts as a highly effective method of dehydration of previously frozen products.
Description of freeze-dried products:
The form, the size, taste, color, aroma as much as possible remain.
    Vitamins, enzymes, amino acids, live microorganisms remain
    The solubility allows to use powders of sublimation drying in drinks and medicinal preparations.
    Decrease of weight with conservation of structure of a product.
    Low level of residual humidity allows to provide long storage in vacuum packaging despite temperature condition.
    Quickly absorb moisture and it allows a product to be restored quickly.
Freeze-dried berries and fruits:  sour cherry, blueberry, cow-berry, cranberry, strawberry, raspberry, garden currant, apple, plum and the other.
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