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Concentrates, fruit and berry (general information)

The concentrate or natural juice concentrate is a product not for "direct consumption". It is a semi-finished product for the subsequent preparation of juice after processing of berries and fruits by the method of evaporation of excess liquid from freshly squeezed juice. Berries or fruits are washed, peeled, crushed and wrung out juice under a press. Freshly squeezed preparation is evaporated approximately to a half of volume. As a result the viscous and dense concentrate turns out.
To prevent fermentation the concentrated juice is brought almost to boiling — 92 °C, but keep it at such temperature less than a minute. Then juice is clarified, using various filters, or leave parts of pulp (depends on purpose the concentrate is intended).
The following fruits and berries concentrates of the European origin are available under the order: lemon, mandarin, aronia, red orange, cranberry, grapefruit, pear and others.
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