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kletchatka-pischevye-volokna (general information)

Food fibre is 100 natural product made from wheat, apples, a sugar cane or a bamboo. Food fibre is widely used in the food industry. Namely:
  • Meat products
  • Dairy products
  • Confectionery
  • Bakery products
  • Production of juice and lemonade
  • Production of sauces
  • Healthy and sports food
  • Production of forages for animals
In the territory of Russia food fibre from wheat is most often used. Let's tell about its properties in more detail. Food fibre has no negative impact on habitual taste, a smell and texture of the products enriched with it, but at the same time has functional properties, important for the food industry. As solid content in food fibre not less than 98, its stable uniform structure positively affects structure of a product to which it is added. Stability of texture in turn plays a significant role in maintaining quality of a product. Thanks to structure of insoluble fibers and their capillary effect, food fibre has the major technological properties - high moisture-holding (up to 12 g of H2O/g) and fat holding (up to 6.5 g of fat/g) ability.

Besides, food fibre significantly facilitates technological process and is the most useful dresser of food.

FINEUNION company is an official representatives of the BIOPRODMASH plant which works according to high European standards and uses organic wheat from the Russian fields.

We sell three types of cellulose:

The size — 90 microns
Hydration — not less than 1:5
Fat-holding — not less than 1:4

The size — 200 microns
Hydration — not less than 1:6
Fat-holding — not less than 1:6

The size — 500 microns
Hydration — not less than 1:9
Fat-holding — not less than 1:7
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