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Where can you buy concentrated apple juice in St. Petersburg?

For producers of juice it is not a secret how much depends on quality of raw materials. If you are a manufacturer of juice then information on where in St. Petersburg it is possible to buy qualitative is concentrated apple juice, for certain, is interesting to you. Fineunion company offers more than 10 years products and raw material for food industry at the favorable prices the concentrated apple juice from the best producers of Iran, Kazakhstan and China. The special attention is deserved by the concentrated apple juice from Kazakhstan as Fineunion company is the official representative and the partner of Issyksky Plodokonservny Plant who is the largest supplier of the fruit and vegetable puree, the processor of agricultural products and producer of natural food raw materials in the territory of Kazakhstan. With the range of the concentrated juice and their characteristics you can get more information on our website and also to ask all questions calling at number: +7 (812) 640-01-60
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