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Very important information about the availability of tomato paste, juice and purée from Iran, Italy

Dear colleagues, inform you that due to the closure of borders of the main countries-importers of raw materials for the food industry, due to the COVID-2019 coronavirus pandemic, we are ready to offer you to replenish stocks of tomato paste, concentrated berry and fruit juices from Iran, Italy, Spain and China at competitive prices. Also, we offer you Iran apple concentrate. Please note that many positions are already on the leftovers, but we have a lot of tomato paste, vegetable and berry, fruit purees and juice concentrates produced in Russia and Kazakhstan. A full range of raw materials for the food industry is presented on the website, and you can ask all your questions by phone: +7 (812) 640-01-60
We draw your attention to the fact that this website is exclusively informational in nature and under no circumstances is a public offer determined by the provisions of Article 437 (2) of the Civil Code of the Russian Federation. For detailed information and cost of services, please contact the contact information provided.