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According to forecasts of the Ministry of Agriculture in 2019 total gathering vegetables and fruit

The Ministry of Agriculture of the Russian Federation predicts increase in gathering fruit and vegetables in comparison with previous year on 500 tons. In total according to the experts expectations gathering of vegetables and fruit in Russia in 2019 will exceed a mark of 6.6 million tons, products which are grown up by both small farms, and large agricultural holdings. 

The most large increase is expected in greenhouse facilities: tomatoes, cucumbers, pepper and other products in 2019 will make nearly 40 more, than in 2018, in absolute expression this indicator will be 1.4 million tons. It is planned to get more potatoes: 7.5 million tons against 7.2 million tons in 2018. Approximately on 200 thousand tons more will grow up fruit and berries: if for the last 12 months on a table of Russians 1.2 million tons of tasty vegetable products got, then in present gardeners will get on less than 1.4 million tons.
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