Crush tomatoes Spain Crush tomatoes Spain

Crush tomatoes

“Fineunion” company offers crush-tomatoes 

Specification for crush-tomatoes

Crush-tomatoes is a mass of tomato product made of fresh, rape peeled tomatoes processed as puree.  The main difference between such tomato product and tomato paste is that crush-tomatoes mass is not completely smooth as paste. This product is completely natural without any additives. Genetically modified products are not used for manufacturing of this product. Taste and aroma of crush-tomatoes are typically sweet-sour, saturated, without bitterness and foreign impurities. The product completely meets all sanitary standards of the Russian Federation, HACCP, etc.and certified on ISO9002.

Field of application

Crush-tomatoes first of all are used for sauces production.

Wholesale prices

“Fineunion”  company is glad to offer crush-tomatoes at the most attractive prices!

Current price quotation  and terms of supply you can get to know from our managers. Contact phone

 +7 (812) 640-01-60 or to use Contact form.

Contact us

Head office

Address: Russian Federation, Saint-Petersburg, Vyborgskaya naberezhnaya, bld. 47

Contact phone +7 (812) 640-01-60

E-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Wholesales of the concentrated juice and tomato paste

Our company is a stable supplier of the concentrated juice and tomato paste both on the largest entities of federal scale, and for large regional producers of juice, ketchups and canned food.


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